Nov. 15, 2019

John Mercer Langston, In His Words, My Voice, Equality Before Law

Two separate school systems, tolerating discriminations in favor of one class against another, inflating on the one part, degrading on the other; two separate school systems, I say, tolerating such state of feeling and sentiment on the part of the classes instructed respectively in accordance therewith, cannot educate these classes to live harmoniously together, meeting the responsibilities and discharging the duties imposed by a common government in the interest of a common country.

Although John Mercer Langston made this speech almost a century and a half ago about the inequities in educational systems between whites and black children. Even today, 2019, the disparity between educational systems between white and black children still exists. That’s why it is imperative that we know how history can reappear with the same vengeance of earlier times. Today, I honor the spirit of John Mercer Langston. Listen to his words repeated and learn how we can honor our ancestors by fighting for true and absolute equality.