Nov. 13, 2019

Provoked Thoughts

"Who owns the mental diversions that keep the middle and lower economic classes focused on activities that keep those in our nation concentrated on things that actually have no redeeming factors on the uplift and benefits of the vast majority of people in this nation? What social strata or economic class of people benefits most from those mental diversions that keep folks concentrated on events that truly don’t uplift the fallen or the economically depressed? Let’s do a simple checklist right now?

Who owns the National Football League Football Teams?
Who owns the National Basketball League Teams?
Who owns the Major League Baseball League Teams?
Who owns the National Hockey League Teams?
Who owns the major entertainment media studios?
Who controls the dispersal of news on the major news mediums?
Who controls the social media markets?

The answer to the majority of the questions posed is the top 1% of this nation. It is to their benefit to keep the remaining 99% of us mentally occupied on things that truly don’t actually create an uplift in economic benefit. The question I ask is are we are in danger or are the majority of in danger being issue-oriented deprived. Which makes it easy for the majority of our nation to be complacent in our own destruction."