Nov. 13, 2019

Who Is This? You Certainly Should Know

I wonder how many Black Americans can identify the name Sargent Issac Woodard, and the incident of violent injustice that adversely affected his life for the remainder of his life in 1946? The incident occurred 9 years before Emmitt Till’s murder in 1955, 9 years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and 2 years before the armed forces of this nation were totally integrated. This horrendous act of savage violence perpetrated by a southern law enforcement officer against this black soldier who was just honorably discharged for serving his nation shocked the nation’s black communities. The attack on Sargent Woodward’s moved many black community leaders to demand justice from President Harry Truman which ultimately led to his issuing Executive Order 9981 which eliminated segregation in the nation’s military branches. So today news asks the question and answered it for about who is Sargent Issac Woodard. I simply ask that you do the job of finding more knowledge about what physical impairment he suffered as a result of his confrontation with southern injustice in February 1946.