Mar. 13, 2019

Boss Moves, John Dorsey

I am not a Cleveland Browns fan, never have been nor will I ever be one, since 1964 when they whipped my then BALTIMORE COLTS team 27-0. I have had no love for Cleveland although I respected the Browns for supporting Ernie Davis and his family when he was stricken with leukemia. I also respected the greatness of Jim Brown and of course Leroy Kelly, my fellow Alma Mater alumnus from Morgan State but the Cleveland Browns, no! Hey, we even took the team from the city but they became the BALTIMORE RAVENS. So they were no longer the CLEVELAND BROWNS but the recent money moves of the team have been quite impressive. So impressive that the team has moved from pretenders to absolute contenders for the Super Bowl over the next 5 years. They went from 1 win to 7 wins this year. With similar results, the Browns could move from 7 wins to 12-13 wins in 2019. That is championship territory folks. I am not on the Browns bandwagon but John Dorsey has changed the culture of a team that was impressive defensively last year but now could be truly impressive next season. How could they not be impressive with Baker Mayfield, an two possible elite running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt along with a group of top-notch pass catchers Odell Beckham, his college pass partner Jarvis Landry, and a slot receiver Antonio Calloway, and finally an up and coming tight end David Njoku? No matter how you hash out this situation barring major injuries the sun will shine brightly in Cleveland next season. All because the front office changes the direction of the team. Being a BALTIMORE RAVENS fan next season could be tough but we will be competitive and face up to the challenge the CLEVELAND BROWNS present. So it isn’t a bandwagon call when you acknowledge a team for making “boss player transaction moves”. I surely didn't want to call out positive platitudes for the Browns but damn just how did they pull off these moves?

Nov. 4, 2018

Return To Excellence 11/4/2018 Morgan State University

Thought just crossed my mind regarding Morgan State University final home game coming up this coming Saturday. Delaware State Hornets are coming to Earl Banks Field on a 2 game winning streak. The Hornets have defeated North Carolina Central University's Eagles and the Savannah State University Tigers on successive weekends rather convincingly. While Morgan State University is coming to the Senior Day Game on Saturday on a three-game losing streak. Although it looks as if our Morgan State University Bears have found a potential star in the making with Saturday's performance by redshirt freshman quarterback, DJ Golatt, from Riverdale Baptist HS in Largo, Maryland who threw for over 250 yards in Saturday's loss to Bethune Cookman. The challenge for the Bears this coming Saturday will be facing a stout Hornet's defense that has only allowed 21 points during its previous two games. This will be an opportunity for the Morgan Bears to climb out of the MEAC cellar and show some on the field promise heading into the final game in two weeks as they face the Norfolk State University Spartans on that team's Senior Day. This season has been a difficult one for Head Coach Ernest T. Jones and his staff. The one highlight was the winning field goal by Alex Raya at the final gun in Greensboro, NC as "The Bears" ended the 15-game winning streak of the North Carolina A&T Aggies. Other than that game the season has been a reenactment of the 5 previous seasons with a loss after a loss followed by another loss sprinkled in with a couple of wins. The current cycle of losing football games has got to end because the Morgan State University Boosters lead by James Msu Wills are demanding a return to excellence for our football team. If this staff cannot answer the call the Bear Boosters will demand a change in leadership. They will demand that the university's leadership hire a captain who fully understands the historical prominence of Morgan State University Football. The Bear Booster will accept nothing less than athletic excellence from our current and future players. The legacy of Morgan State University demands that we recover our greatness. We will not accept winning just a homecoming game in a season. Our Morgan State University students, alumni, and friends want to see new trophies added to the championship trophies of yesteryears. We will deserve nothing less. Go Bears!

Oct. 28, 2018

This Blackman's Fall Classic Looking Back

With the continuation of hatred shadowing America, I cannot remember a time in my life that racial hatred wasn't festering in this country. I can remember the boiling of racial hatred watching it on a daily occurrence as a young black boy. It was during that time when the only relief I could get was on the baseball diamond watching my black heroes play the game I loved as a kid. I remember distinctly oiling my baseball glove up at night and tying a shoestring around it with the baseball in the pocket of that mitt. Why did I do that because Willie Mays said that's how he treated his glove. This video is my remembrances of those days on this day as the fumes of racial and religious hatred stink the atmosphere of our nation. I hope that this short video helps a little and diverts just a little away from what this nation is experiencing.

Oct. 28, 2018

Another Morgan State University Football Loss 38-3

The Black Blogger, Come On Morgan State
Another Loss, 38-3
Who wins the team that is successful on 42% on 19 third-down attempts and controls the clock for almost 5 more minutes in the game, or the team that only makes 33% of 3 down attempts and only controls the clock for 37 minutes? Well, Florida A&M won 38-3 the game held Morgan scoreless for 3 quarters. Yet they lost both 3rd down conversion and time of procession to our Morgan State Bears. I understand that we building towards something significant and it only takes one great recruiting class in MEAC to move to the top of the standings. All you have to do is look at Florida A&M's resurgence this year. However, can we trust our current football staff to lock in that recruiting class that will change our fortunes on the football field? Especially when it seems that our football coaching recruiting strategies seem to ignore the ripe DMV. I mean does our coaching staff actually forge relationships with the DMV area coaches?
It's time for Morgan State University to either "shit, or get off the pot" when it talks of rebuilding our historic legacy of football domination. Why not hire a coaching staff that utilizes the plentiful resources that are close enough to change the landscape of our football program? We continue to be mired in mediocrity in our men's athletic programs, especially football. The Morgan State University campus is becoming a visual jewel but the shine is not returning fast enough for our football team. It just takes one great recruiting class or a series of three above-average recruiting classes to turn hamburger to Delmonico steak. We need to feed our football program or simply make the public announcement to our Morgan community we only want to win our annual Homecoming Game, oh we lost this year to South Carolina State. Also, the team we are undefeated against in the MEAC is leaving this year, Savannah State, so they are no longer a Homecoming option. 38-3, another loss, damn and our team is closer to the bottom than the top of the MEAC again. Maybe we can simply start the halftime show at 1 PM and have our Magnificent Morgan Marching Machine perform, is that an option?
Oct. 21, 2018

Provoked Athletic Thought, It's Time To Hire Another DW Morgan State University

I can't seem to comprehend that when Morgan State University was searching for someone to guide their football program out of the doldrums of mediocrity. Why the primary focus of the search didn't start and end on Jericho Park Road in Bowie, Maryland? Coach Damion Wilson, currently the #1 rated college coach in the state would've been the perfect candidate to become the head coach. Coach Wilson should've been hired as early as 2014 as Coach Hill-Eley's replacement rather than hiring Lee Hull. That should have been an easy decision Coach Wilson had coached in SWAC at Texas Southern University and Prairie View University as well as having two successful winning at Bowie State University. Although Bowie State University plays in the Division Two CIAA, Coach Damion Wilson had coached in Division 1 2A schools in the SWAC.
One thing that Coach Wilson has done at Bowie State University is foster an excellent relationship with high school coaches in the DMV. These efforts to strengthen relationships have led to Bowie State University is able to do one thing that Morgan State University hasn't been able to do successfully recruit the fertile high school players who reside in the DMV. While Lee Hull spent one year at Morgan State University and left the football program in shambles due to academic failings. Coach Wilson has proceeded to create a football juggernaut down the road from Morgan State University. While I don't have a great deal of skin in the game related to the Morgan State University football program. I am a proud alumnus, Class of 1977, who wonders why the football once the symbol of excellence has been mired in mediocrity for almost 4 decades.
Damion Wilson, same initials DW as current Morgan President David Wilson should have been rolled out a red carpet stretching from Jericho Park Road to Coldspring Lane in 2014. Those who chose Lee Hull made a big mistake not hiring Coach Wilson in 2014. The new AD, Edward Scott had a chance to erase that mistake when Coach Farrier was replaced last spring. However, Morgan State University hired Coach Ernest T. Jones from Coach Farrier's staff to replace Coach Farrier and guide the football program. While down the road in Bowie, Maryland, Coach Damon Wilson is following the mantra of the late Al Davis, just win baby. I am sure that given the opportunity to build Morgan State University's football back to levels of excellence. Coach Wilson would've taken on the challenge that currently confronts my blue and orange grizzlies. Yeah, my Morgan State University Grizzlies beat North Carolina A&T this season but we have proceeded to only win against Savannah State University a team with just as bleak a record of futility as Morgan State University. More than likely Morgan State University will only win one more football game this season Delaware State University on Senior Day 2018, not because of the quality of Morgan State University's football team but due to the absolute ineptness of the current Delaware State University football program.
The time is now for Morgan State University to hand the reins of a former institutional athletic power to another DW. The current DW on campus has absolutely changed the fortunes of our Morgan into an academic giant. Why wouldn't the same formula work with another DW, Damion Wilson to turn around the fortunes of our historical treasure Morgan State University Football?