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Founder Willis Much Love Sir Much Love

I am so sorry to hear of Barron Willis II our fraternity founder, and my friend and brother's passing. I knew he was sick, quite sick but still death is never still and it always coming hard for someone you have come to love.I loved Barron Willis and I have no problem saying it.

My how I enjoyed our conversations 2 years ago while we discussed the 50th anniversary of the/his fraternity.
I also throughly enjoyed meeting his wife at the actual conclave. I have notified the fraternity of his passing. If you could let us know his final arrangements so that we can pass it on to the membership.
Oh how I wish I could've said goodbye to Founder Willis. He seemed to be able to put a smile on my face whenever I thought of him.

It would be great if all of Iota and all of black men in general knew of the man who was Barron Willis what he stood for. What he endured and how his principles harden like steel drove his desire for justice..

What Barron gave up as he was measured up against other men. Those traits would build a better Iotas as well as other black men. Sadly however men with the character and fortitude of Barron Willis aren't being built like that any longer.

We're here and the JIG is up America

100% 100% 100%

If understand the wonder of the big lie you will wake up and understand how that revealing will bring our true cultures into the light of day. The darkened night of hidden disclosure has taken so much from us. If we remain dark we remain a lost people without a true nation.

We are not a people who traveled amongst the shit and piss in the belly of ships from the shores of our african brothers and sisters. Our African brothers and sisters were indeed there on those shores. However our native black ancestors were already on these lands; lands stolen and history whipped from our memories from those who had gain and savagely bent on snatching away this country of vast unlimited resources.

Those imperialistic europeans torn into the fantastic memories of our ancestors with whips and chains. Then revealed into the mix terroristic stories of horrid trips from far off shores. They eliminated almost everything of culture from our red brothers through genocidal elimination. Then meticulously decided to create this story of african enslavement and the trip from those lands. Of course that could indeed be validated by the presence of blacks on the so-called dark continent. There was nothing dark about Africa nor was they anything dark about our now stolen continent.

The matrix of supreme thought says believe not what is always written without questioning those that did the writing. We may have been in the bellies of ships both ships were docked on American shores and we were taken from American Shores to American Shores.

The Jig Is Up Mexico 115 BC as more is revealed the greatest of all lies starts to disappear and the path too justice becomes even more clear. No doubt who founded what? Or was it brought over on those missing mystery slave ships. Blacks were here first had a viable thriving society as well as what existed in Africa.

The Jig Is Up America

Listen up you so-called Black African-Americans who came up with that moniker anyway? African-Americans, really, we are neither African or American we are native to this land our stolen homeland.
Blacks are uniquely and without any doubt NATIVE to this continent we inhabit . It was stolen from us from those miscreant Europeans who not only savaged our people. They also have tricked us into believing that we all came here via some imaginary middle passage. That literally 10's of thousands of ships were running 5 month journeys from Africa to this so-called new land no our land. It would have taken folks tens of thousands of ships not just a few. The only thing new about the land was the fact that those europeans concocted another myth. These europeans are indeed great at creating myths for their own benefit to suppress the actual facts and keeping those affected enslaved and ignorant of reality. However, in the age of reality TV we got get on the real no slave tip.
If brothers and sisters truly believe we came here living in conditions where our ancestors literally defecated on themselves in the belly on these mystery ships. Then where the hell are all these ships? If the country kept some much of our past American history why is it so damn hard to find all these damn ships? Come on think about it? No ships, no captured africans? No ships, no Middle Passage? No ships, a great big ass hoax? Reparations, really for enslavement, how about those real reparations for actually stealing our damn land and our compassionate lives we were leading?
We saw these europeans and thought the best of these backwards ass people took them in and dammit they used our compassion against us. Then those same now european-americans created this tale about us coming here in these missing mysterious slave ships and these ships housed all these captured africans. Who in turn populated all of what is now South America, Central America and North America? Right, come on now brothers and sisters we must now wake up we have been historically sleep way too long. Just because the nightmare these europeans created still exist doesn't mean we must continue to buy the damn bread. The bread is stale and no longer viable. The african slave story is simply no longer intellectually feasible. It means that we are coming into consciousness of reality. I don't care what historians like Gates and the rest profess these fellas are simply mentally washed just like rest.
Why is this historically accurate description of those native people by one of their own european explorers? Explain it Dr. Gates? Can you?
"They are dark in color, not unlike the Ethiopians, with thick black hair, not very long, tied back behind the head like a small tail." Giovanni da Verrazano • Describing natives on first voyage to North American continent • 1524
We aren't falling for these enslavement myths any longer. Those europeans simply took advantage of our compassion. They saw our kindness and as they have done throughout history took that kindness for weakness.
Thanks Kenyatta Slade for keeping me on this path of truth revealing

USA Article On The Slime of a Primary White Institution Basketball Recruiter

This article shows the validity of some thought provoking posts I've read recently on why a specific number of the highest quality black performers should consider attending HBCU's and work towards building those basketball programs to absolute the highest levels of NCAA championship performance.

Black kids 17, 18, 19 years old are simply glorified athletic economic slaves to primary white universities. If those black athletes went indeed to HBCU's maybe the personal one-one teacher that those schools provide would impact their lives many decades down the line after the air is compressed from the basketball.
Why continue to be tools for a system that truly doesn't want you the man but sees you only as capital resources collecting revenues during the basketball season.

Once your physical viability has been erased your effectiveness on that campus is now eliminated. Lord help you if you can't meet the criteria excepted when you signed on then you are dumped because your economic value will never reach there prognosis.

It would be an outstanding result if the TOP 100 Black High School Basketball Players decided to chose to only attend and HBCU. These influential players said to these primary white institution to kiss off we are building our own brand now and not your'sany longer. Then these HBCU's all qualified. Tell me the NCAA Tournament wouldn't be sweet and those primary white institution would be livid. If when the Final Four day came and Morgan, Howard, Southern and Alabama State comprised those final four teams. I'm damn sure it would be wake time for college sports in America?

Those leeches of institutional greed would indeed have to start treating our black youngsters as men deserving respect and not commodities to be trifled with any longer.

Quick Question of Absolute Importance

The movie "Concussion" is being released this week and it's all the rage especially the dramatic acting of Will Smith playing the role of portraying Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who fought against efforts by National Football League to suppress his research on the brain damage suffered by professional football players. Of course I read an article on FanSided that indicated that even though Dave Duerson is portrayed in the movie as an agressor against the character played by Will Smith no one in the Duerson family was contacted to get any background information about Dave Duerson.

For those not in the know Dave Duerson took his life as a result of the impact those concussions had on life. As a matter of fact in order not to do any further damage to his brain. Dave committed suicide by putting a bullet into his heart. Dave also donated his brain to be studied for the effects those concussions had on his brain while he played football in the NFL.

However the question I asked is not directed at players who may have incurred brain injuries as a result of playing professional football in the National Football League. The question is what about those fans who may have incurrred brain related injuries while "watching" the game, either live in stadiums or in their living rooms all these years? Who is watching out for the damaged fans? Don't think those Browns fans dressed as dogs in Cleveland's Stadium dog pound aren't a little mentally disturbed? What about the fans who dress up like female hogs in Landover, Maryland is that normal behavior? Has you seen those fans in Raider Nation, tell me they got to have a claim if not it would indeed be a damn shame. The Jet Fans launch missiles when the team picks future players? If that's not crazy how about those Philly fans who boo anything that appears including the Pope who they called a dope. Needless to say Chiefs fans are damn looney and Saints fans are seeking time for the drinking so brain loss is nothing for them to absorb. We heard that the Falcon fans are deliriously foolish doesn't that qualify them as also as damn looney? Well Giant fans aren't certainly fit it has been said the bite horses bits. Really, Patriots fans can cheat so quite easy blow air in their brains and make themselves maim. You know that most likely you can run all 32 team's fan on the brain scale of function and certainly find many that are lacking functional skills like shallacking. So I am going to ask this question of absolute importance when lawyers call out for financial reward? Don't all those fans that deserve some time on a doc's bench also deserve some of the reward for pain suufered?

Dec. 24, 2015

Incredible Story of Perseverance

If you want to read a story of heroic accomplishment then by all means please read this article. I never knew the story of David Showell but on Walter Fields page this even I came across it.

This is what a life fulfilled with incredible sacrifice is all about. As you watch the bowls games this year understand that they once was time when only “The Rose Bowl” allowed blacks to participate in them.
Now most of the football fields will be littered with black players making huge amounts of monies for primarily white institutions.
Very few of those players will know the name David Showell and understand his importance in them gaining the right to perform on those football fields this year.

Why is it?

Why is it that everytime Isreal blows wind America has to be close enough to smell it? 

For the life of me with all the unrest that is happening in the Middle East is our permanent lock on Isreal's ass going to turn out to be our ultimate downfall?

Wake Up America April 9, 2011

I'm sorry but even though the federal shutdown was averted I'm unhappy because the current Obama administration continues to cow-towel to these REPUGs and TEA-PARTIERS when will truly have a representative government in Washington DC? Is Obama the answer? Well, I'm thinking no right now. The answer lies in the people Americans we need to vote for effective government. Let's see if we can get at least 80% of eligible voters out in 2012 and vote out these current BUMS and bring real change to America. We need real solutions not these patchwork solutions offered by both the REPUGS and the Weak DEMS.

Freedom Riders May 17, 2011

The Freedom Riders on PBS last night was unbelievable TV fantastic and so damn compelling. We as a race of blacks owe so much to those students of Fisk and Tennesse State who took up the mantle of leadership once CORE dropped out in Birmingham, Alabama. As the students said don't start something you can't finish.

Also, how bout Julian Bond saying that the students saw MLK as having feet of clay for not wanting to get arrested because he was on probation. WOW that "compelling television". No Doubt

If you haven't watched this "program" you owe it to yourself to sit down for 120 minutes and see real history unfold I was captivated by each and every minute of this show.

The Lynching of Wyatt Outlaw #joesmokeblackthoughts

The lynching of Wyatt Outlaw occurred in the courthouse square in Graham, North Carolina in 1870. That horrendous act of terror continues to reverberate across the generations of black families related to ancestor Wyatt Outlaw. The consequences for the State of North Carolina were profound. The public lynching of Wyatt Outlaw lead to the impeachment of that state's governor the first impeachment of a governor in United States history. Wyatt Outlaw’s death, like that of State Sen. J. W. (“Chicken”) Stephens in the basement of the courthouse in Caswell County, North Carolina combined together in precipitating the “Kirk-Holden War" in North Carolina

Carole Troxler, Elon University professor, has examined the historical record concerning Outlaw. Biographical details gleaned from Congressional investigations into the 1870-71 Ku Klux Klan “outrages” and transcript of the impeachment trial of Gov. W. W. Holden are spare. Wyatt Outlaw, likely the offspring of white merchant Chesley Faucett and Jemimah Phillips, a free black. Wyatt Outlaw served in the Union army, in the 2nd Regiment U.S. Colored Cavalry, first in Virginia and then a later posting in Texas along the Rio Grande. On his return home, Outlaw opened a woodworking shop on North Main Street in Graham, North Carolina, repairing wagons, making coffins as well as specialty wood trimwork. (Dr. Troxler believes it likely that Wyatt Outlaw trained with Thomas Day of Caswell County.) 

In 1866 Wyatt Outlaw attended the second freedmen’s convention in the state capitol, Raleigh, North Carolina and soon after that convention Wyatt Outlaw organized the Union League in Alamance, North Carolina, as well as a building and organizing a school and a church. Governor Holden in 1868 appointed Outlaw Town Commissioner in Graham. He ran for that position and was elected to the post the following year. That Graham City Board in 1869 organized an armed night patrol to defend the town against the racist activities of the Ku Klux Klan.

On Feb. 26, 1870, Wyatt Outlaw became the primary target for a Klan mob of 70-100 who chose Outlaw because he was an effective leader and had the ability to work with both blacks and whites. Wyatt Outlaw was seized in his house (over the cries of his young son), Outlaw was hanged from the limb of an elm tree which pointed to the courthouse. His mouth was slashed and a note pinned to his body: “Beware you guilty both white and black.” 

Another target of intimidation left town that night. Governor Holden, acting on the authority of the Shoffner Act, declared Alamance and Caswell to be in a state of insurrection. That declaration set in motion a sequence of events leading to Holden's impeachment and removal in 1871. In 1873 eighteen men were charged with the murder of Wyatt Outlaw but ex-Governor Holden, among others, pleaded for their release and charges were dropped. Albion Tourgee used details from Outlaw’s life in composite characters in his Reconstruction novels.

I'll say a prayer of remembrance today for Brother Wyatt Outlaw for his ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom for Americans of African Descent. We must remember that the enslavement of our ancestors didn't end with 13th Amendment in many ways it just began again in a more complex form.

To Hell With Cinco De Mayo it's a Haitian Holiday

How come Haiti isn't celebrated by every black person who lives in America today? Those Black Haitians actually kicked the imperial dogs out of their country.

We should have be having huge parties specifically for those slaves who took it upon themselves to cleanse their nation of WHITE IMPERIALISTS on Jan.1, 1804.

Cinco De Mayo hell no Haitian Celebrations hell yes

I now understand why this nation is so reviled by many of the lighter hue. Those Haitians slaves drove the white man from it's shores. They never got any aid from other nations within the Americas after that act.

The slaves in Haiti simply said enough dammit and looks at the numbers that were in their favor and took action. I'm sure had America been a stronger nation militarily at the time they would have come down and taken action against the black Haitians but they couldn't and didn't. So, the next best course of action was to cut off and demoralize this nation. The country has never truly recovered from these racist actions to this day. Today I say God Bless Haiti 4ever!

I wish nothing but the best for HAITI from now on and if I didn't have a 15 year old daughter I would probably move to HAITI to revel in what should be the greatest nation in the Caribbean corridor.

Black Communities hanging on economic limbs and calling out Steve Harvey

Steve "Who Dat" Harvey still got paid did you? Who really gives a good *uck when it comes down to all the challenges this world faces and especially our black communities.  #wakeupfolksheprobablydidonpurpose #justtokeepyouallasleep

Santa's been evicted from black towns

60 Second Thought of The Day

Where's Santa, Come On Where's Santa?
Santa is Missing in the Black Communities in 2015

Each year NORAD tracks the travels of the jolly old white guy but something mysterious will occur in 2015 and for all the remaining years in the 21st Century; Santa has been evicted, kicked out, and is longer wanted in black homes across America.

Here's a "new diddy" I created this morning to inform Santa via the social networks. Please feel free to share it as we learn to celebrate our holiday season without poor old Santa. Remember that old favorite "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" well it's like that only better for those living in black communities across America.

Santa Claus Is Evicted From Our Black Towns

He'd better watch out
He'd better not cry
Santa better not pout
We're telling him loud and proud and now
Santa Claus is evicted from our black towns.

Oh we made our own list
And yes we checked it thrice not twice
We certainly found out that Santa was indeed naughty not nice
So Santa's been evicted from black towns.

Santa, we caught while you were napping
You thought we were asleep
And now we're wide awake
We know you were so bad for us
So Santa please don't creep
And be mistaken for our town's creep.

So Satan, no Santa had better watch out
We won't fall into that plight
In 2015 we made it all right
We're telling you now
Santa you won't win this fight
Santa Claus is evicted from black towns
Yes, Old Man Santa is no longer wanted in any black towns.

I'm dreaming of a black christmas

60 Second Thought Of The Day

I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

I am dreaming of a black christmas
Never like any christmas we have known
Where the presents are missing but happiness is glistening
Because now black pockets are filled with dough

I am dreaming of a black christmas
Because so many of us never showed
We skipped the malls
Ignored frantic merchants calls
And left those un-purchased products stacked on

I dreaming of a black christmas
No unwanted presents that need to go
In garages unopened and guess what
My credit cards aren't broken
And all these merchants now know
that a black christmas includes more than snow

I'm dreaming of a black christmas
Because our black communities can now show
all those pockets flowing with green dough
They will celebrate the day this I know
With the elders speaking
Children listening
all of them now happily
Missing that fake show

I am dreaming of that great black christmas
For all those stores I failed to go
May the day be happy and right
And may black christmas without santa a true delight

Don't know if Irving Berlin would agree but our communities need too move towards new black christmases without that old jolly guy.

Why is Justice so Damn Elusive for Blacks in America, Tell Me Why?

60 Second Thought of The Day

Why is injustice more valuable to America than providing Justice to Blacks in America?

This morning while pursuing the Huffington Post looking for something that would engage my 60 second thought on a day that winter’s cold has finally arrived in my neighborhood. I came across an read Marian Wright Edelman’s thought-provoking essay “Why are guns more valuable than children in America?”. She spoke of America’s love for the rights of gun-owners other the sacrificed lives of children aged five and under killed by those weapons of immediate destruction. Marian even indicated that 30 more preschoolers were killed by guns in America than law enforcement officers last year. The evidence is clear that in 2015 more pre-schoolers will be killed than law enforcement officers this year as well. The article was fair in it’s assessment that something needs to be done by legislators in Congress to put an end to this senseless, needless violence done by those weapons of immediate destruction.

However, that article provoked another mental thought for me this morning it aroused in my mind this question?

Why is injustice towards Black Americans more valuable than providing justice, real justice to Blacks in America?

Oh, it’s easy to answer “racism” that is the most simple response to this question. Those white people simply hate and revere blacks in America. They always have and they always have. Hell, those bastards stole us off our lands in Africa, hell they is even talk that blacks were already here in America and those evil white people not only stole our lands they killed our brothers and enslaved the strongest of us. This sixty second thought isn’t going to redress or address either of those scenarios.

This thought is simple going to ask the question and simply wonder why since the emancipation of our ancestors in 1865. Why has America done so much to impede justice being applied to every black citizen in this nation? Oh, some will say the assassination of Old Abe sat back the plans to provide the impetus to secure those rights promised by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments of the Constitution. In someways this could be explained since his predecessor Andrew Johnson was not a true friend of the abolitionists who fought for blacks securing freedom prior to as well as after the Civil War. Yet, Reconstruction was implemented during his Presidency and there indeed were magnanimous plans put in place in those southern states to bring true freedom to newly freed slaves. During those years overt racism could indeed answer the question posed by my thought this morning. Yet, why wouldn’t it have been easier through just to allow let freedom ring after the most heinous battle this nation had ever encountered?

Why was it necessary once Blacks were unlocked from the bonds of slavery to continue to impede the full implementation of equal rights and true justice to each and every one of our ancestors. I mean why even have judicial considerations for Plessey vs. Ferguson? Why even have a segregated united armed forces up until 1947? Why separate the races in federal workplaces when prior to that edict it had been shown that either race had shown no problem with that workplace condition prior to Wilson’s change in direction? Why did our own Government allow the destruction of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma to go unpunished not only at the time of the actual incident but even up to this very day? Why was it even any reason for dead black bodies to hang on trees like strange fruits as Billie Holliday sang so eloquently? Why was no white man in the south ever convicted of killing a black person even when the heinous acts were done in public view for all to view and admire their acts of hate? Why were ghettoes allowed to flourish in the so-called greatest economic nation the world had ever known? Why did 4 little black girls get blown to smithereens simply because they attended a church that stood for justice? Why did the federal government not step in an reinstitute all the monies that were stolen from newly freed blacks who had placed their funds in the Freedman Banks? When in the early 1970’s when the Central Intelligence Agency need funds to create havoc worldwide why didn’t anyone in the room say hell no when they decided to flood guns and drugs into America’s cities to get the cash necessary to engage in mischief worldwide? Why did no one say to Ollie North, Reagan’s chief architect of a misguided policy “you have lost your freaking mind” if you think you can flood the streets of Black America with drugs to pay to arm your little rebellion in Central America? Why is it to this day that some blacks in our communities feel that it’s best to ignore our conditions rather than confronting them? Why when law enforcement bullets riddled black bodies our communities strikes straight to the streets crying injustice but when our own brothers and sisters riddle bodies similar to those taken by the bad police officers our community sits in silent acceptance of those acts? Why can Americans black or white view monitors of visual information on a daily basis and see the destruction caused by America’s own weapons of immediate destruction and act as if those destructive actions won’t have some casual effect back on our own streets? Why do we rush too movie theaters across the nation as our communities implode around us to see stellar destruction but our community members won’t give that same enthusiastic response or support to rebuilding, building, or growing construction of real time living?

The question of why injustice is so easily attained is that justice takes the union of two forces aligning for a common magnificent objective. It seems that never in the history of America has that alignment of objectives between the races been aligned. From either side when blacks needed the full force of the might of the US Government to attain a full measure of justice, real justice it was not there to answer the call. Can we simply answer our dilemma with “it’s whitey fault” you know that normal racist response?. You see in many instances blacks have been called to support there own and in many of those instances those calls have gone unanswered. Brothers and sisters for real justice, I mean absolute justice the call for action must be answered as it was in Montgomery, Alabama, or Greenwood, Mississippi, or Selma, Alabama, or the Mall in Washington DC as it was in 63, 95, and 15. Those calls must be answered ten-fold and the response must elicit actions from both sides not just one side. If you have the attitude that it is “whitey’s fault” then do something about it build up, link up and make a significant difference in the lives of those around you. If you feel that this world is more than about the color of someone’s skin but the content of his or her’s character then do something about it build up, link up and make a significant difference in the lives of those around you. See something familiar? Yes, same action but different feelings internally but the same actions aligned for the common good of people living around you.


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Thanks for allowing me to join you today

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